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Re: Still learning...5th house Aquarius 11th house Leo?

In the West today, basically there are 3 major schools of thought about astrology: modern western, traditional western, and Vedic/jyotish (Hindu.) Once you read more about them, you can decide what is your best astro-fit, as their outlooks on people and techniques vary. With so much Capricorn in your chart, it might well be traditional astrology!

The Avelar and Rebeiro book is super on traditional astrology. If you prefer modern, I recommend Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky. Of course, the two schools are not mutually exclusive: at the beginner level they cover a lot of similar standard material.

A good modern "cookbook" on planets in signs and houses is Robert Hand, Planets in Youth (good for all ages.)

If these books are not in your nearest New Age book store, you can find them on line, for example, at

Traditional authors vary on where to locate marriage. Modern astrologers generally give it to the 7th house; but then you also want to track the planetary ruler of the 7th to see what it is up to by house and aspect.

There is a kind of house system called "equal house" that puts the house cusps at 0 degrees of a sign, so basically their overlap is 100%. The other house systems typically have two signs per house, although the number can vary. A planet in a sign will operate according to the sign its in; but the planet ruling the house cusp (which may be a different sign) will have a lot to say about the affairs of the house in question.
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