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Re: Still learning...5th house Aquarius 11th house Leo?

No, these factors alone do not mean you will never marry and have children! I have some fairly crummy horoscope factors for marriage and children, yet I have been married for most of my adult life, and have two great adult children.

If you think about it, roughtly 1/12 of the world's 7 billion people will have a Leo/Aquarius 11th/5th house axis. Something over 583 million people. If all of these people were barren/unmarried-- at least in the past when marriage and childbearing were the norm-- demographers would be all over this one.

The absence of planets in a house suggests that it is not a strong focus for you, but as the others have said, we have to look at the planet ruling the sign on the house cusp for a better picture.

I do modern western astrology so my interpretaton would vary from traditional or Vedic astrologers.

In terms of children (as you don't need to be married to have children) I look at Saturn, the traditional ruler; and Uranus, the modern ruler of your 5th house of children.

Saturn can mean delays, so it is possible that you will have children later in life. Possibly you will have difficulty producing a biological child, but then modern medicine has greatly improved the fertility of women with reproductive difficulties. Saturn conjuncts Venus, which is a beneficial planet. Also, Saturn in Capricorn (the sign it rules) gets a few bonus points for that placement.

Uranus says, "Expect the unexpected." This can indicate a child who comes when you weren't planning on one, or a child who is a very independent, liberated sort of person.

The main question I have about your chart is whether your big loves aren't really activities that expand your mental horizons: international travel (perhaps of the stay-at-home "armchair" variety,) or higher education, or developing a life philosophy. These are 9th house matters and Jupiter in your 9th house is your "feel good" planet.

With so many planets in Capricorn and your sun in Aquarius at the "bottom" of your chart, I wonder whether you are an introverted person, finding it difficult to go out and meet people, notably anyone who is spouse material.

I note that your birth time is a round number. It may be accurate, but it is worth checking, as an estimate could be off significantly enough to put your house cusps in different signs.

Aries on the cusp of your 7th house of marriage suggests that you want an independent, go-getter sort of husband. With your Mars in Sagittarius, hopefully he enjoys those horizon-expanding activities, as well.
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