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Re: Still learning...5th house Aquarius 11th house Leo?

Originally Posted by Avalon6 View Post
Okay! I have a few more questions if one of wouldn't mind answering.

I am now trying to understand what is going on with my 7th house. Ruler/ planet etc.

What does the cusp sign of a house represent as opposed to the main sign?

And can anyone recommend a website with easier to read charts besides

Thank you thank you!
The charts at are pretty easy to read. It just takes some practice.

Twelve signs, twelve houses. The signs are each 30* and cover 1/12th of the zodiac. Houses vary in size based on which house system you use and are determined by the angles--the ASC and MC. In your chart you have no intercepted signs (this would be if the beginning of a house was in one sign and the beginning of the next house was in the second sign following. For example, the beginning of a house, the cusp, were in Cancer and the beginning of the next house were in Virgo. Leo would be "intercepted." If the house that started in Cancer was the 9th, and Cancer was the 9th sign from the ascendant, we would say that Mercury (as the ruler of Virgo) rules the midheaven, but the 10th place (place=sign) is ruled by the Sun.

Since you are just starting out and using your own chart this isn't going to be a problem because all your house cusps are in are spread in such a way that each cusp is in the next successive sign.

You're 7th house is Aries, ruled by Mars.

You can learn a bit of this online, but it can be confusing. I would recommend getting a beginner's astrology book. A very good one to start with is On the Heavenly Spheres.
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