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Re: Still learning...5th house Aquarius 11th house Leo?

Originally Posted by Avalon6 View Post
Does this mean I will never get married or have children?

I also don't believe there are any planets in those houses either but I am still learning to read my chart so I am not positive.

Am I correct?
Thank you
One needs to learn about the signs.

The cusp of your 5th is in Aquarius. Ok. Is this a barren or frutiful sign?

Aquarius: Without doubt more fruitful than barren.
Saturn, the ruler of your 5th is in Sagittarius, the domicile of Jupiter, who among other things rules child birth. Is this a barren or fruitful sign?

Sagittarius: Ever conceived fruitfull, because the house of Jupiter.
Moreover, Saturn, the ruler of your 5th, is in domicile and Venus applies by retrograde. You'd need to check an ephemeris to see if the aspect perfects. Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planet of childbirth (most modern astrologers miss this) is exalted in Cancer in your 10th house of among other things marriage and mothers. What has Lilly to say of Cancer?

Cancer is the most fruitful and bountiful Sign, it being the house of the Moon, and the exaltation of Jupiter.
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