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Smile Influence of the Ascendent sign, 1st-house planets on the native's appearance


I did this post on another thread, and, so it does not get lost in the myriad of those heaps, I am posting it on this sticky. It might seem a bit haphazard, but I am simply doing a copy-paste of my posts from that thread.

Any planet in the first house, especially close to the Ascendent, affects the appearance, and also how you come across. Planets also otherwise closely aspecting the Ascendent may lend their influence.

If it were Venus close to the Asc, it would make you look even more charming and relaxed than you already are. Sat close to the Asc can usually make one look a bit older than they are, and, of a more serious countenance. Mer would be just the opposite. Jup might give a big nose or a bigger face, in general, perhaps make you look more benevolent and trusting. Jup on the Asc also often gives a large forehead. Plu would lend an intense (also sometimes to the point of making others uncomfortable) and penetrating look; like a person who is always 'watching' others and perhaps also a 'shady' kind of a look. On the more positive side, Plu's touch can be magnetic, with an air of secrecy about the native, like something lurking beneath the appearance, or the mask, which draws the attention of others. The Moon close to the Asc may make the face a bit rounder and fuller, often the eyes watery, and generally it lends a warm, affectionate, motherly touch.

Nep close to the Asc might give a faraway/dreamy look to the face/eyes, and make the person unapproachable in the sense that you do not really know what exactly is going on with that person (mind you, this inscrutability is different from that of Plu, which is more calulatingly wanting to be more discreet than usual). Ura close to the Asc will usually tickle the native into adding that extra something-different-about-myself touch, be it the hairstyle or colour, or just a different fashion sense that makes them stand out. The Sun will lend, well, a warm and generous, but also often an arrogant look. The face and upper body are usually more prominent, as is often also the hair in some way (due to a thick, sometimes wavy mane, or just by being worn more fully). With Mars in the first house, the person might have hair problems (premature hair-loss) or some sort of a scar on the head/ face area; or some prominent birth mark. The person will usually come across as assertive, perhaps even agressive or at least to 'forthcoming' in not the most subtle manner.

Besides just looking at the planets in the first house, please also take note of the Asc sign itself, and the aspects to the Asc. If Mars is in the first house, but the Asc is in Pisces, well, then Mars loses its assertiveness and the manner is not all that 'pushy or compelling', but watered down by Pisces. On the other hand, a combo of Scorpio on the Asc and Sat or Plu in the first or esp close to the Asc, oops, unless the Asc is otherwise aspected by the likes Ven/Sun/Jup/Nep, the person may come across as a person that others might find difficult/a bit uneasy to approach.

Speaking just of Saturn alone on the Asc; say if a person has a Cap Asc with just Sat aspecting it; no matter what goes on inside this person, this person will try to portray an image to the outside world of a calm and contained individual. They will do all it takes to keep any rebellion well under guard. The quality of Saturn is discipline and never stepping out of line. Now unless roughians like Mars or Uranus come along to break Saturn's stride, Saturn by itself will never let the rebellion streak out, as its main aim is to maintain statusquo.

Since I've been getting PM's, let me just add here, the closer the planet to the Asc, the more intense its effect, esp if it is in the same sign as the Asc. Saturn close to the Asc or conj it will make the person somewhat bony, even lanky; the face could be gaunt and sombre. The cheeks will be bony and the face will appear somewhat chiselled (usually a fat-free face).

What one has to look at is the sign of the Asc + planets in the first house + if any planets are at least in an aspect to the Asc = give a fairly good idea of the appearance of the individual. We can also consider the sign the ruler of the Asc is in.

Scorpio Asc + Sat close to the Asc = somewhat dark (shady=Sco) + sombre (Sat) countenance, with deep, penetrating eyes (Sco). Such a person will often (unknowingly) tend to send a somewhat keen (Sco) and daunting/morbid (Sco+Sat mix) look on the whole

Cap Asc + Sat close to the Asc = gaunt and tired/weathered look, seemingly older and usually bony/narrow/longish; the first impression is that of a well-disciplined, no-nonsense person

Cap Asc + Venus close to the Asc = chiselled (slim) face, but with a touch of serenity/cool look and usually a nice complexion or something that's pleasing about the face/the general get-up (even if its just good manners). A person with Venus close to the Asc will have a quality of welcome or some feature that makes a first (Asc involved) good/pleasing impression (even if they don't force a smile on their face). Ven close to the Asc often gives a Mona Lisa touch

Sco Asc + Mars close to the Asc = again a fairly Sco look, a contained, but stopping at nothing to get what it wants type of attitude. However, there is a difference as to how this person will go about getting what it wants as compared to Aries Asc + Mars in its vicinity. Sco Asc + Mars will not easily let the outside world know about its motives, no, it will knowingly hide them (the Sco secrecy is at play). That is why the person often gives a shady and calm/discreet first impression

Aries Asc + Mars close by = somewhat of a roughian/ tomboyish first impression. Usually copper/reddish/thin hair (though might be full in younger years). Usually some scar around the head/face area or moles or freckles, or (and don't laugh) acne problem leaving scars. The best you can pick are very active, can't sit idle or still (unless most personal planets in Tau or Cap). The person will often come across as rash/impulsive/ even quarrelsome/ self-willed

Aries Asc + Nep or Moon will make the person much more calm and easy to get along with. Moon will usually give more feminine curves (than Aries Asc + Mars) and something of a worrying/caring attitude. Whilst an Aries Asc + Moon there will worry, it will also do something to resolve what's worrying, even if it means to go and fight for the cause in public. A Cancer Asc with Moon there will be a wee bit more timid, but worry big time. They need a pronounced Mars to help them 'get up and go'.

Aries Asc + Ura on the Asc = rebellion, you might need the army to hold this person back when they set out to reform the world. Very impulsive and outgoing, but with a more 'we' than 'I' attitude. Person won't mind wearing their hair pink and their shoes a bright green with some tattooes to cover their arms. If not that, their boisterous/tomboyish attitude will get them noticed, or crude mannerism

Aquarius Asc + Ura on Asc = the world's my home (my own home is like a prison, if not exactly spacious); always ready to set trends and the more out of line, the happier they make the native. However, there is a difference here, rebellion often to fight for a cause is here the case. With Aqua involved, often there is a larger interest at heart, no matter how odd it may seem at first. The person will often have something about them to set them apart and there will often be that aloof + distant air about them, yet they will come across as friendly, with an ear for everyone's woes. That is the contradiction in terms of the Aqua and Ura energy

Leo Asc with the Sun or Jup there = Larger than life attitude and look. The hair are usually worn full around the head, which will make the face area seem big, or it will be big per se. Often a big forehead, not exactly dainty facial features. Often broad-chested, or broad-shouldered, but also large-hearted and a dignified; gracious attitude. They like to make a parade of everything, anything to make them the centre of attraction. Seldom does a Leo (Asc or Sun) like to go unnoticed. If the body is not big enough, the voice will be loud to compensate, perhaps the manner a bit condescending, but the Sun and/or Jup close by will often exude warmth and benevolence, so they will be liked

Leo Asc + Ven = may be big in some way, but there will be some feminine quality, be it just their delicate movements. If not big physically, their smile will be from ear to ear. Often something pleasing there to make them liked. A very positive attitude and full of optimism. However, if the likes of Sat + Plu are close by, usually accompanied by the lean/gaunt look again. Sometimes, the area around the eyes is somewhat hollow (deep-set eyes). Think of Jeremy Irons

Virgo Asc = often clean-kept and shy. Something very neat about their appearance. They will seldom be big-muscled or broad shouldered. Always something slim and narrow about them; often slim-limbed. If Sat is close by = very dutybound. Love to save money. Both Virgo's and Sco's like 'freebees'. In comparison to their Gem/ Mercurian counterparts, it's Virgo's shyness and neat/delicate look that makes them look younger than their age. With Gemini, it is their agility, eagerness, bright-eyed look, a general merriment (even mirth) that makes them look younger

Anyway, I don't want to bore you all any more. The key is to see how well the Asc ruler and planets close to it mesh. A Mars has to struggle more with a Piscean or a Cap Asc to come through (still will, but lesser than usual); whereas it comes out full force with an Aries or Aquarius Asc

An outer planet in the first house/close to the Asc usually has a profound effect on the early life of the individual, and often its effect will come out in the actions/attitude of the individual. E.g. planets like Pluto or Sat in the first house give a childhood faced with struggles in some manner (often poor health, sometimes poverty with Sat's austerity), and this usually makes the person come across (Asc involved) as more mature and serious for their age. Pluto might also lead to some sort of early-life tragedy or destitution, something life-transforming.

Ura close by means that the childhood could have been fraught with upheavels/ instability/ something unsettled, which makes the person somewhat of a rebellion. With Mars there, there is often some violence (either during birth itself) or falls/breakages etc involved. This gives the native a somewhat restless/rash attitude. Neptune close to the Asc, oh boy, you never really know what's on with the person, or the person is hardly ever in real touch with what's around them. Nep does give a proclivity toward deceipt in some manner.

Please consider all the aspects to the Asc. Don't come back and say I have Mars conj my Asc, but I am oh so laid back. Look and see, if Nep or Ven are aspecting the Asc as well, or if Sat is there to tame Mars.


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