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Re: What shows in your natal. How you will meet a partner.

Originally Posted by BobZemco View Post
That is not even possible in a Natal Chart.

Your Natal Chart will tell you if there is a promise of marriage, and if there is, it will describe the general characteristics of your partners, and whether you'll marry early or late based on your culture/social class, and it will even tell you if you will outlive your partner or they you, but not how you meet them.

I don't know of any predictive techniques that would answer that either.

Contrary to what people might think, there are limitations to astrology. I mean, basically what you're asking is, "What will I eat for dinner tonight?"and astrology doesn't really concern itself with banal or trivial matters.
100% agree I think lots people have unrealistic expectations of what can and cannot be done. Although Horary will disagree, they 'purport' supposedly that they can answer 'anything'

this is why I copy/paste this all over the forum

What Astrology Can and Can Not Do
Perhaps you should read this thread entitled: astrology predicts meanings, not events
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