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Re: What shows in your natal. How you will meet a partner.

Originally Posted by Lion o ness View Post
I want to learn how you can tell in a Natal Chart how a person will meet a partner.
That is not even possible in a Natal Chart.

Your Natal Chart will tell you if there is a promise of marriage, and if there is, it will describe the general characteristics of your partners, and whether you'll marry early or late based on your culture/social class, and it will even tell you if you will outlive your partner or they you, but not how you meet them.

I don't know of any predictive techniques that would answer that either.

Contrary to what people might think, there are limitations to astrology. I mean, basically what you're asking is, "What will I eat for dinner tonight?"and astrology doesn't really concern itself with banal or trivial matters.
Addressing his pupil, Satyacharya said, "The science of Astrology is a great secret. It should be guarded with care. This sacred science of Astrology should never be taught to bad people. Nor should it be revealed to too many people and very frequently. It should be taught only to a few chosen disciples who really deserve and have the necessary qualifications."
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