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Re: What shows in your natal. How you will meet a partner.

Originally Posted by Lion o ness View Post
I want to learn how you can tell in a Natal Chart how a person will meet a partner..

Is it Sun/Mars for women?
and Venus/Moon for Men?

Then depending on house/aspects?

Plus some houses I can figure out.. Say H6 means while working, or maybe a place with animals? H9 might mean traveling or a foreigner??

But H1,H7... Where is that?? If someone can list the "wheres" for each house..

You have Sun and Mars in Leo so a Leo type man for sure would attract.
He may be an actor, a stockbroker, a teacher or guide, someone met on vacation, in a leisure centre or at the casino or races......He should be rather proud and even a bit arrogant but with a heart of gold.
Please post the chart so we can comment further. Anonymise if you wish.
The stars impel, not compel.
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