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Re: What shows in your natal. How you will meet a partner.

Originally Posted by Lion o ness View Post
I want to learn how you can tell in a Natal Chart how a person will meet a partner..

Is it Sun/Mars for women?
and Venus/Moon for Men?

Then depending on house/aspects?

Plus some houses I can figure out.. Say H6 means while working, or maybe a place with animals? H9 might mean traveling or a foreigner??

But H1,H7... Where is that?? If someone can list the "wheres" for each house..
Socialising is the 5th house along with lovers and romance. So we must look there. Also Venus for love and partnership. The Sun and Mars for women do denote the kind of man they will be attracted to.

I agree that House 6 is everyday work, domestic animals, shelter, food and clothing outlets...House 9 can mean whilst travelling, a foreigner, a lawyer or even a large animal vet, someone who is in trading and export or met at a college or church.
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