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Re: What shows in your natal. How you will meet a partner.

Originally Posted by Lion o ness View Post
Thanks for that
you're welcome.

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My question is more in general..

As an example... someone with say Mars in H6 would meet a partner from work??? Of course other factors would need to be taken into acct to see if a specific person fits that persons...

So my question is more in general about "where" Which planets are for who?

Plus I dont know all the "places" that would fit each house..

H1 ??
H2 ??
H3= real state??
H4= someone's house
H5= gambling,parting???
H6= Work
H7= ??
H8= banking/ money??? taxes
H9= travel
H10= through your career
H11= through friends?
H12= Hospital, prison..

I met my ex husband at a bar.. But I didnt like him then... Couldnt stand him... but he started coming around my house, and I got to know him, and then months later we dated..

(I have venus in H4)
(I have mars in H6)
I met my best friend at work.. She has been my BF for over 20 years...
I don't know if I could really say that a planet's placement in a house, and that planet's association with partnerships, romantic or platonic, can be linked to say that you will meet someone in a situation associated with that house. As I demonstrated with my own chart, a chart very much inclined to relate to others, it wasn't a matter of where, but with who. I know I am not answering your question, and that is because I personally don't think it can be answered definitively. Maybe someone will come along who knows otherwise?
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