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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

"...all it takes is one contrary occurrence of something to disprove a theory..."
Amzolt, I dont think we overlooked this statement. The point is, that you are the one who disapproves when you see contrary occurrences. You apparently expected both men to have the same experience, either both loosing their father or both going nude. Because this did not happen, and in your 25 years of research you also found that things did not always show the same result, you probably concluded that therefore we cannot make predictions of an event.

It seems you want things always to be exactly correct or otherwise it cannot be proven to be reliable. But this is astrology we are talking about, not mathematics, and I dont think that this rule can be applied here. I dont think we can talk about a theory in astrology, the same way we use it in physics or math. Astrology is an art and three painters (astrologers) can paint the same landscape (chart) in different ways but they will probably be able to give us all the same impression(event).
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