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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

I have been reading all that is said here and I understand what you say Amzolt.
However, I dont think we can predict a meaning (as you say)of something and I do think that we can predict an event, BUT not what sort of an event it will be.

Personally I could "predict" an event which can cause pain, anguish or happiness, but never exactly can tell the person what it is going to be. It can be a death, an accident, a divorce, anything. So in a way you can predict a certain happening, but not exactly what sort of happening. Often we can get hints via the planets involved, like Uranus and divorce and 7th house involvement or an accident with Uranus and Mars and the 3rd house involved. Sometimes we get it right but can just as well go wrong, so it is better to just explain that something problematic or sad could happen, not what you think that could be. This only traumatises the person.

Now where I dont agree with you is this:

They were born in the same hospital at the same time (certified).
It is extremely unlikely that these two men came into this world at the exact same time. OK, maybe the same hour, but then we get into minutes and seconds and astrologically we get into dwads.

Also, as we all know, midwives and gynocologists, unless they are astrologers as well, do not stand there with a stopwatch in their hands to time the event, so a few minutes at least in time difference between the birth of these two men is highly likely. We also still don't know what the exact moment of birth should be. Is it the complete coming out of the birthcanal, the cutting of the umbilical cord or is it the first cry . So there is probably in 99° of the cases a difference in time. Identical twins are most likely to have the exact time of birth if born by cesarian section. We know about twins who, even though they live miles away from one another, marry the same day, have the same dog, gotten pregnant the same month etc. It is possible.

Still, the circumstances of two people born at the same time could have been the same. One man looses his father and feels "freed" and the other goes to the nude beach and feels "freed". This again shows me that the same feeling/emotion (not meaning as you say) is likely to happen, but not necessarily the same event, even though that might also be a possibility.

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