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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

Astrology does not, will not, and never has predicted events.

This is Amzolt's opening line.

This is the sentence with which I diagree. (EJ)
I pretty much agree with everything you said above, Charmvirgo.
That what I was disputing with the *identical chart* idea and trying to suggest that a chart quite reasonably has to be viewed in the context of the person's life to which that chart belongs.

If Amzolt is saying : that we, as Astrologers, can't look at a chart and predict an actual event from our study of that chart, in the context of that person's life, then I disagree.
If Amzolt is saying we as Astrologers cannot say for example *a Mars hit to the 4th house cusp WILL produce a house move*, then I agree with him. For one person, a Mars hit to H4 cusp could signify loss of a Father. It would depend on the aspects and rulerships in that individual's chart.
But both Events ARE predictable.Theoretically at least.
There *can't* be two identical lives, even if two people are born at exactly the same time, two people cannot occupy the exact same point in space.It's just that *we* cant as yet measure such differences in the setting up of our charts.

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