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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

Originally Posted by Lilly
.........I DO believe astrology can be used to predict actual *Events*.
Yes.......but Amzolt believes that too.......He only asserts that it cannot be done solely by looking at a chart (and/or progressions + transits to it).....It's achieved through a combination of the "meanings" derived from the latter and the consideration of other non-astrological factors......Whether we call the outcome of that process a prediction or a guess is more a question of semantics than astrology.

This does seem to me to be a case of "what Amzolt thinks he has written is not what Lilly thinks she has read"..........(which is the only point I'm trying to make here).......No-one appears to be disputing that astrology can be used to (accurately) predict actual events.....only whether or not additional non-astrological data is needed to do so.

[Note : Perhaps a more accurate thread title is "astrology reveals meanings, which can be used to predict events".]

Explaining my position.


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