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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

As I understand it, Amzolt is asserting that Astrology cannot predict any event. Period. He says, to paraphrase, that should an astrologer manage to *predict* an actual event in a person's life, that Astrologer is probably just lucky-guessing.He is claiming that at best astrology can only be used to give a generalised interpretation of possible *meanings*.
He has provided no evidence to support his assertions, merely an anecdotal reference to something that happened to him once.Whilst I am not disputing his claims of having met these guys etc, I AM disputing that his having had that experience actually *proves* or *disproves* anything for me.
EJ: It is obvious that Amzolt and myself have totally opposed ideas on this, in that I DO believe astrology can be used to predict actual *Events*.

This is the part to which you refer:
Dr. Bernard, the astrologer and physician to James II, had written to Lilly at one time declaring that he had discovered a method for forecasting fires of great cities. Fortunately he had not published his thoughts and so avoided facing the Committee enquiring into the cause of the fire. He had collected all the data available to him at that time concerning fires of cities, and believed that if he examined the horoscope for each fire he would find correspondences that would enable him to predict future fires with a reasonable amount of accuracy. The one great difficulty, he said, was discovering the birth date and time of each town in order to draw the horoscope correctly. Perhaps Lilly used Dr. Bernard's method or, indeed, had found a similar method that had helped him to confidently predict the 1666 fire.

It doesn't matter what prompted William Lilly to make his prediction, or whose methods he used. My point is that he did indeed do this!
There are hundreds of examples where astrologers have accurately predicted Events. My point is, they are/were not all psychics!
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