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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events


In the penultimate paragraph of the article you quote, it says :-

Dr. Bernard, the astrologer and physician to James II, had written to Lilly at one time declaring that he had discovered a method for forecasting fires of great cities..........Perhaps Lilly used Dr. Bernard's method or, indeed, had found a similar method that had helped him to confidently predict the 1666 fire.
If that is correct, William Lilly was searching for a specific event (a fire in London) and was using astrology only to determine it's timing.

To me, this article confirms Amzolt's assertion that accurate astrological predictions of events cannot be made without including non-astrological information in the interpretation............But, it also confirms (as Amzolt has consistently pointed out) that accurate event predictions/guesses can be made by astrologers using both astrological and non-astrological information.

And this also applies to the specific predictions made by your astrologer.....You asked when you would move.........He was looking for your stolen car/the return of your dog.......He knew you were undergoing surgery.........He (probably) knew you had a son.......So, each of these things enabled him to forecast a specific event from the meanings revealed by his astrological data.

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