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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
But to get back to amzolt's point, I don't think most people would be comfortable with the notion that our future lives are so totally mapped out for us that a skillful astrologer can effectively take away our choices. The "meaning" of a really tough 7th house transit, for example, only becomes a divorce if the native chooses it or her spouse chooses it. People have to physically get themselves to a lawyer and deliberately fill out a lot of paperwork for it to happen. So this is why, most times, I support the idea of transits, &c. indicating meanings or energies vs. concrete events.
Bless you...

It's amazing how many people in this thread don't seem to realize that, when two men, with exactly the same chart, have different events for the same transiting aspect, it means that prediction of events is not anywhere in the chart itself.........
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