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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

Originally Posted by lillyjgc View Post
My question is: *How are the scientists going to distinguish which astrologers ARE A)psychic b) lucky guessers c)excellent astrologers... ??

Lilly, it will be a distant date in the future before the scientists get around to this question! As you know, right now most of them dismiss astrology altogether.

My question is, if astrologers are able to make accurate predictions at some level above random chance; and if we could control for the Barnum Effect, then how does the astrologer make these predictions?

[For newbies: the Barnum Effect was named for the 19th century US circus owner and showman who duped gullible people into believing that fakes in his side-shows were real. Effectively, people believe what they are led to believe or want to believe.]

It has to be more than interpreting symbols on a piece of paper or computer screen, because each sign, planet, house, you-name-it has so many multiple meanings. My personal belief is that, for those of us who are not psychic, that interacting with a horoscope is a kind of divinatory key. This is different than being a true clairvoyant, who can see things more directly. I think we understand only a portion of what the human mind can do. However, I don't believe that all psychics are genuine, and even the ones who have become famous for their accuracy sometimes make mistakes, sometimes serious ones [cf. Sylvia Browne's mistaken death predictions.] But I think all of us had moments, premonitions, intuitions, prescient dreams--call them what you will--that enable us to understand things unavailable through ordinary means, and that astrology can be one way to access this part of our psyches.

But to get back to amzolt's point, I don't think most people would be comfortable with the notion that our future lives are so totally mapped out for us that a skillful astrologer can effectively take away our choices. The "meaning" of a really tough 7th house transit, for example, only becomes a divorce if the native chooses it or her spouse chooses it. People have to physically get themselves to a lawyer and deliberately fill out a lot of paperwork for it to happen. So this is why, most times, I support the idea of transits, &c. indicating meanings or energies vs. concrete events.
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