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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

Originally Posted by gaer View Post
From my perspective I would say that the experience you related caused you to dismiss the validity of event prediction, based only on your own personal experience.

I have never attempted to use astrology to predict events. However, my mind remains open.
Perhaps you haven't seen this comment I posted further down the thread:

What's interesting to me, with all the debate of astrology's supposed ability to predict events, is the scientific principle that, with a ton of experiential agreements with any given theory, that theory is never proven, only more clearly validated in its potential usefulness.

Yet, all it takes is one experiential fact that disagrees with the theory to disprove it...

My experience with those two men happened well over 25 years ago and it's taken most of that time for me to train myself to perform as an astrologer who accepts the disproof of the theory of astrological prediction of events...

Strange how persistently the ego-mind can cling to falsehoods, eh?
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