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Re: Astrology Predicts Meanings, Not Events

Originally Posted by amzolt View Post
This may be really hard for some folks to believe, but here it is: Astrology does not, will not, and never has predicted events.


Yes. It's the absolute truth, even if some astrologer "predicted" something for you. If an astrologer tells you something is going to happen, don't you think that, if it does, there may just be a bit of self-fulfillment in that?
I read the rest of your post, but it left me scratching my head. Don't you realize that the same logic is used to discredit astrology, in all ways?

For instance, even if you rather accurately describe key elements of a client's personality, there is no end to the line of people who are waiting to say that you have made lucky guesses based on hunches or elements of cold readings.

You may find it easier to defend "meanings" more than events for the obvious reason that meanings are more nuanced, subtle, and therefore more open to interpretation.
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