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Re: Gen Z

3) Gen Z lacks true identity. Their very search for an unique way to identify themselves has left them without a true, real sense of purpose, which leads them to use superficial trends to give them that identity which they desperately long for. Identity should be born from within, not from a fad. Like, as things are today, Gen Z’s ENTIRE sense of self is a random label such as “20F/transgender/furry/bipolar disorder”. It’s ridiculous that their sense of self is an identity group.

The societal issues of LGBT identities and Autism spectrum disorders are the main division of their generation (Gen Z born 1996-2015), the baby boomers born 1945-64 remember racism and sexism was more prevalent and legal before the Civil Rights movement, and the Victorian age generation born 1894-1913 admitted to had misgivings about immigrants who entered the US through Ellis Island.

It's not a fad nor a trend or fashion to belong to a minority group, I was born in 1980 and had to learn to live with "mild" autism, partial Native American heritage, being a Gen Yer, genderfluidity, and lower-middle income level. Sometimes I imagine if I was born in 1925 like my maternal grandparents to go through the Great Depression, WW2 and the peaking but oppressive 1950's.

Many Gen Z'ers like kids in the 1990s and around 50 years ago learned at public school science on the dangers of pollution, environmental destruction and climate change are the biggest threats to their lives when they inherit this world after the elders die off. It's saddening to know they have to clean up the mess and ensure their own grandchildren will live in a cleaner, better, healthier planet.
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