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Originally Posted by Katarzena View Post
Hey! What is your perspective? I don't know much about Gen Z and would rather learn from someone who is an 'insider' than looking it up online
My perspective is that my generational peers are characterized mainly by two components: 1) breaking social norms and traditions and 2) being immersed in the world of new technologies. Gen Z’s are experts at using the internet, being aware of social trends, finding a sense of belonging in new an unique ways (like internet communities), and advocates for expression of new identities. All of this sounds good until you consider the ugly side to these things, which in my opinion are:

1) Gen Z believes that every other generation has prior is essentially stupider and outdated. This is a dumb idea considering that average human intelligence does not change over the course of a generation. They can’t see that they’re just another set of humans with a bunch of values and ideas that their context has given them. They realize that religion is bad because it has caused war throughout history and believe themselves to be nothing short of geniuses for it.

2) Gen Z is nihilistic and doomer. Overly rational. (In a western, materialistic and scientific kind of way) by this I don’t mean that I don’t believe in rationality. I also had my atheist-like kind of phase when I was 14, but I grew up. Turns out that facts and feelings are both important. My main issue with modern day nihilism is that it has dumb , overly rational statements such as “since science says there’s no meaning to life, then I am worthless and all of my existence doesn’t mean anything as a consequence” like, grow up. If you need someone or some authority figure to tell you the meaning to life then you’re just dumb. The whole point of life is to create the meaning.

3) Gen Z lacks true identity. Their very search for an unique way to identify themselves has left them without a true, real sense of purpose, which leads them to use superficial trends to give them that identity which they desperately long for. Identity should be born from within, not from a fad. Like, as things are today, Gen Z’s ENTIRE sense of self is a random label such as “20F/transgender/furry/bipolar disorder”. It’s ridiculous that their sense of self is an identity group.

4) Gen Z sees no value in tradition (even though it has value, but they’re too near-sighted to even question the possibility of it having any)

5) Gen Z is overly liberal and pretty much denies structure in any kind of subject - they tend to have extreme social-constructivist views.

6) Gen Z is depressed.

7) Gen Z is self-entitled af. They’re not humble. This is perhaps the thing that annoys me the most. Indeed, it is extremely rare to see a person that’s Gen Z and is actually open-minded. They don’t question themselves, much. They lack self-awareness.

This is my personal view. Me, having Saturn in Taurus in the 10th, and sun in the 9th in Aries, appreciate the beauty in having a moral code to live by. I don’t like dumb trends and I’d rather shy away from any sort of identity group. I don’t identify myself with anything that’s external to me. I also have a stationary Mercury in Pisces in the 9th. I spend most of the time thinking carefully and deeply about subjects and I dislike that my generation’s general views are like “boomers bad”, “religion bad”, “bible bad”, without any, - and I mean absolutely any - degree of nuance. They feel like they’re super woke about everything when they really aren’t conscious at all. They think they are but they aren’t. It really drives me nuts. I really feel alienated from the opinions they have. For example, I do believe in gender equality (obviously) but not the “biological sex doesn’t exist” kind of bogus.

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