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Re: Gen Z

I think grasping astrology requires some disconnection from society -- not necessarily in a reclusive sense, but in the somewhat Aquarian, detached analyzation of society (mixed with the more intuitive elements, of course). Far less of Gen Z will be caught up in the 8-to-5 office lives dependent on face-to-face communication like older generations were. Instead, they largely work and experience social connection more and more through screens. They were the first generation to grow up with the internet/tech boom (Millennials did too but most of us were alive to remember/experience the world before the post-2000 boom).

This is especially relevant because a large % of their learning (as they became adults) is dependent on devices that are backed by incredibly powerful algorithms. And in many ways, Astrology operates much like an infinitely complex algorithm. So when their worldviews and thinking are unconsciously influenced (and often shaped) by algorithms, they can analyze society through that lens (and make connections) more easily than older generations can. You can also argue that having Uranus/Neptune in Aquarius contributes to this ability. I think the late-Millennials with Uranus/Neptune conjunct also have this ability, but it manifests a little differently.

In a sense, "belief" in society was always dominated by organized religions, but with Gen Z, there's more of an Aquarian approach to spirituality.
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