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Re: Should I cancel my holiday

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
You are welcome and thank you for clarifying. I wish you well in this matter.
I'm sorry I wasn't clearer in the first place. I'm going on this holiday with a view to looking at a place I'm considering relocating to; to catch up with several old friends... and yes, our view are out of sync now, mostly religious views, but we're still friends... one person I'm seeing will probably not live long enough for me to ever see him again, so there's a lot of fear around that; and one person I might have to let go of as a friend. It's got really complicated... I don't want to say goodbye to someone who's been a father figure to me for so long, and there's a lot of worry about my ex and where that's going. Also a lot of joy around catching up with childhood friends that I haven't seen in person for a few years now, particularly as two of them are daughters of the person who will probably die very soon (he's 93).

As I said, the situation got complicated... I'm very grateful for anyone taking the time to give me some insight... and great to know that any plane trip involves the 9th For me, a trip within my own country isn't a big trip.

Warmest wishes
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