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Hi Blackberry and thank you. Yes, definitely weighing the options, and yes, there is healing needed. Spot on with that one.

Yes, I am afraid of losing a friend, so there's my hesitation... if I don't go I can potentially avoid that, but maybe I can't... maybe going and dealing with it is exactly what I need to do. Other than that it should be a marvellous break and a chance to look around a place I'm thinking of relocating to in the future. I really, really don't want to lose this friend though, but I didn't see that myself and you picked my biggest fear right out of it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

I'll go ahead and enjoy my holiday


Originally Posted by blackbery View Post
Hello there, I would use either the 4th or 9th House, not 5th. A trip would never fall under that house of leisure, hobbies, fun, children. That's my method so please ignore if you feel it doesn't apply here.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter & Saturn ---- the ruler of H9 indicate this is a mixed bag. You are weighing the options like you have posted here. Optimism/confidence blended with very caution based on fear. Why are you afraid of going at this time? With South NODE H7, could indicate a loss of a friend. However, North NODE conjunct AC indicating that you can go ahead with the trip, all systems go.

Whatever you decide, there is healing needed with Ckiron conjunct MC.

Good Luck.������
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