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Re: Should I cancel my holiday

Hello there, I would use either the 4th or 9th House, not 5th. A trip would never fall under that house of leisure, hobbies, fun, children. That's my method so please ignore if you feel it doesn't apply here.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter & Saturn ---- the ruler of H9 indicate this is a mixed bag. You are weighing the options like you have posted here. Optimism/confidence blended with very caution based on fear. Why are you afraid of going at this time? With South NODE H7, could indicate a loss of a friend. However, North NODE conjunct AC indicating that you can go ahead with the trip, all systems go.

Whatever you decide, there is healing needed with Ckiron conjunct MC.

Good Luck.😃💐💐

Originally Posted by Milarien View Post
Chart attached.

Mercury is L1; using 5th house for vacation because it's in the same country and just a short plane ride, not an overseas trip... so that's Mars in Scorpio in detriment... there's no aspect between them. So you'd think that would be a no I shouldn't. But I was going to see a friend, a very old friend, to catch up, and to catch up with some other friends, and things have become complicated, unwittingly. Now I have grave doubts about going.

thanks for any advice or help.
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