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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

So that explains why you tend to portray Leos as a soft, forgiving, and pushover of a sign that is naive, your sign is literally the exact opposite of Leo. Aquarians have always had it out for Leos for some reason, it seems like the sign domiciled by the sun has been targeted more than any in modern astrology which is trying to make it seem soft and naive.

It might be the case with your husband, well that and divorce means losing half of your stuff, but with most men of great pride I don't know where you get the impression they will forgive so easily. You say the sun rules the throne, well spit on a king and talk about his family in a bad light in ancient times, see how far that takes you.

I understand that you are desperately trying to promote Scorpios as this most powerful vengeful deliverer of karma but to most who have common knowledge of astrology, it isn't working too well. I'd say that an angered Leo is far more vicious with the revenge due to a hurt pride while an angered Scorpio truly is all bark no bite.
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