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Re: Does having lots of 10th house placements indicate fame?

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
I don't think it indicates fame so much as your feeling most like yourself (sun) when involved with your vocation in life. With your north node of the moon in your 10th house, this is also where your personal growth lies. With your 10th house Mercury squaring Uranus and Neptune, you might be either the visionary or the unrealistic thinker, so just be extra cautious when you brainstorm.

It's not unusual for people with either a Scorpio or 12th house emphasis to prefer working behind the scenes.

Do you want to be famous???? It brings difficulties as well as recognition. Many highly successful wealthy people have little name recognition.
Thank God! Because I don't want to become famous to be honest with you. I just want to live with 100% complete (total) freedom in my life. I hate limits, responsibilities, restrictions, etc. I think it's because of my moon sign, which is Aquarius. And I'm very obsessed with mathematics. I have been doing lots of research on mathematics for a couple of years. I just don't know how to make them official, some people told me to publish them online but I also heard that there are many new math formulas which were stolen by other people. So I'm very afraid of my work being stolen by others. I don't think I will become a good wife to any man on the planet. Because I have sun square moon in my birth chart. I have heard that women with sun square moon cannot act/behave like women because they're too ambitious. Is this true?
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