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Re: Indicators for (sexual) abuse in natal chart

Originally Posted by midnight sun View Post
I was sexually abused when I was a child but my story is a little complex because I don't remember it.

I started seeing dreams about it in 2008 and emotions rises from inside but still don't remember it.(3rd house Neptune effect)

I understand I lived two abuses, one in 1990, the other is in 1992. In 2009, I found out the pictures of the first abuse which I draw when I was 6. This is the only evidence in my hand. I told my parents about my doubts but they don't take me serious. Because I don't remember it, I always have a reality problem. (Still powerful Neptune) Did it really happen or not? But now I know it happened. I always live crisis on the problem of making other people believe. But I shut up about it and keep it a secret in me. I also think I was abused by a relative(a cousin maybe).

I examined the cousin's chart whom I'm suspicious of. And he has a Mars-Pluto opposion. My Pluto aspects are very good. I believe Pluto is more involved in the violator's chart. The victimization is more about Neptune.
Because for example I feel very relieved when I watch Tv Programs or movies about victims saved.(for example I like to watch animal saviors very much)
Painful childhood memories can be repressed, I am sure. After I was sexually abused in my teens, in certain circumstances strange flashbacks and panic attacks started. Many years later my parents told me about the event in my childhood (I was about 4) when I suffered severe traumatization (although not sexual) and I had no idea of it. This flashbacks corresponded with this early abuse.

Originally Posted by LyP View Post
mars in 12th house

You have a tendency to confuse your desire to meet your needs with self centredness and will as a result often talk yourself out of setting healthy boundaries and engaging in self care. You have difficultly accepting responsibility for your life and can easily slot yourself into the archetype of victim. You often look to others to take care of your needs and assert your boundaries and feel victimized when they act on your behalf.

It seems to me that Mars in 12th house also has much to do with personal boundaries. It's probably the feeling of not deserving to care for ourselves and our needs and desires.

But I think it's different with Neptune in 8th - because the motivation for unwillingness to take comes from Neptune's need for freedom. By taking, we create obligation. Realizing this, Neptune knows it keeps its freedom by giving, but loses it by taking.

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