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I'm getting transit saturn conjunct pluto+saturn *update*

Like the titles says, i'm going to get transiting saturn conjunct my radix pluto and also saturn (both are retrograde). Saturn over pluto is said to be a stressful aspect. I don't know if that is true for everyone. I asked my mother recently when she had it. It was 2007 or nearly and it seemed she didn't notice something very specific in that time. I'm getting it on or near
December 24. Any insights could be helpful.

I explain something about my situation and then give some interpretation points: I have been in India more times. Since August 16 i'm staying in Puttaparthi again. I applied for a 6-month-visa, but i didn't get it, i got a shorter one. The retourdate of the fly ticket is on January 19 2012 and according to the present situation, it seems i have to change it to
October 25 or nearly. If i have to return to Holland, my money is less and therefore may not go back to India.

In Holland i will be forced to find an own house (rental house). The situation between my mother and me is not good (father lives elsewhere) and i cannot stay in her apartment or at least not for long. It's very probable that i would relocate inside Holland within some weeks or maybe less or a little bit more. The chance on a house is very high, as i have a
registration for over 2 years, that would make it possible to get a house in a specific surrounding in Holland (not the city of my mother). It's in another part of the country, in the province of my birth. Probably i would go to the big city of that province then, which is also the city where my father lives, although i don't or hardly have contact with him.

I know that my mental state might be quite horrible, when i have to go back to Holland. I saw/see Sai Baba and the man to whom he guided me (to become my partner), as the 2 most important persons for me, although the situation with the last man looks horrible and Baba "left" his form as Sathya last April, but i am still waiting for a miracle (his comeback). The man he guided me to, is from India and lives there. But as mentioned, it seems a quite complicated situation (for a long time). And there's actually no contact with this man.

Further it's likely that i will be dependant on income from what is called in English "social security" in Holland.

Here i'm trying to give some interpretation, but only limited, so maybe someone can give some additions. (are the aspects looking more stressful or more the opposite, everything related to this transit).

It's going to happen in the first house (a corner house, which is said to work stronger). Radix pluto is in libra, radix saturn (could indicate someone with authority (maybe from social security?) or my father?) in scorpio. Ruler of the first house is venus. Venus is placed in gemini in the 9th house (could indicate India for me or at least something far abroad, Sai Baba, and the one who's supposed to become my foreign partner).

Also radix saturn+pluto are making a trine to venus+moon node in the 9th house. A trine is said to be a good aspect (we could say that all aspects have their meaning and that from a higher view all aspects may be good in their own way, but you may know what i mean with it). Venus conjunct moon node in 9 may say something about a karmic relation that has yet to come. Venus in 9 may also say something about my connection with Baba.

Radix pluto+saturn are also sextile retrograde neptune in saggitarius in 3. This placement may say something about communication (house 3) in a spiritual way (neptune), with Sai Baba (saggitarius?) (like in dreams). a sextile is said to work well if you do something for it or like that.

Further, pluto rules over my second house (could indicate something about my situation with money and certainty (if my English is correct) ) and saturn rules over my 4th house (could indicate something about my home circumstances).

Also juno (marriage point or however it is called) is going to conjunct pluto (next month if i remember correctly), but i don't know if that makes any sense.

As an extra: in the astrocartography my venus- and moon node-line are both going through South-India, where i have been all the times (and where i am now).

I cannot include a chart, as i can't connect to (the internet connection seems limited). Here i include my birth details:

My birth details:

Date of birth: May 5 1983
Time of birth (Dutch time): 18:01 (if working with seconds is possible, you may use 18:00:50)
Place of birth: Harlingen (Friesland, Netherlands)

Whoever wants to look, may use the koch system. This seems the best house system to use.

Insights are aprreciated.

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