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"We must be a servant to ourselves"

The same dedication that you have when going to these jobs (which you eventually lose) is the type that you need when working for yourself. Since Saturn is in your 6th house natally, you will learn everything about how to be the perfect employee, both for yourself and others--EVEN AS YOU CREATE A LIFE WHERE YOU ARE SELF EMPLOYED. Saturn in the 6th house rules the concept of daily habit and daily work. (*It has medical work associations too.)
Overall though, the chart strength is near the Midheaven--9th, 10th and also the 11th houses! In fact, the entire sector between the 12th house and the 9th is very rich for you. Follow the strength of the chart! Follow your Jupiter!

I would recommend beginning a daily journal that includes a "to do list" of daily responsibilities that must be met in order for you to progress. Along with this write down all the areas of life that you enjoy being around. This can include what you really LOVE. (I knew a guy once that loved cooking. His whole life was built around ignoring home life. Once he realized he loved being around the lifestyle of his kitchen and cooking his life changed. He wrote a cookbook of his grandmother's recipes, created a blog, sold his cookbook as an ebook on his website, sold advertising and had affiliate marketing ideas on his website too. He also took all the photos of his recipes and kitchen. He interviewed local food sellers and makers of cooking equipment and placed videos on Youtube. He even met his second wife through this!)

The journal will help you locate specifically the areas in which to focus so that you are directed toward your professional area (it will also point toward the type of content site that you will create).

"We must be a servant to ourselves."


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