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Film and photojournalism

Dear Siddharth,
Major filmmaking requires dedication of oneself to the craft to the exclusion of everything else. Film school would also be required prior to actually making films. You also need to be networked among screenwriters, editors, producers and EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS (they raise the money for the films).
The very same skill set that you need at all these jobs that you keep losing are the identical ones you must possess in the film world. The film world is even MORE brutally competitive than the business world that you currently find yourself challenged by. WAKE UP Mr Fish!

I would strongly recommend using a digital camera and producing short films for your CONTENT WEBSITE, which you could also bolster with your photos. You can never be fired from your owned and operated CONTENT WEBSITE of your creation. It could include your artistic projects whether film based or photo based in addition to writing. YOUTUBE is available to you as well as SEO website techniques to make your CONTENT WEBSITE a success. Did I mention how cost effective it is or the fact that if your content is interesting the money will flow in terms of products or advertising that you sell on your OWN CONTENT WEBSITE?


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