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Re: I am really frustrated because of no job

The following chart reading is using the Western Tropical Placidus Astrological tradition.
Essentially, you're not emotionally suited to your present job(s) but are intellectually strong enough to perform them. The nature of the business environment is that you are only being hired short term; after 90 days (max) the companies let you go in order to not declare you a full time employee. They avoid certain full time obligations that encumber them financially.
You are also unconsciously displaying your contempt for management and they are letting you go since you don't fit with a long term strategy in temperament or job description. You are a Pisces.
You have a gifted chart and can perform well in technology fields but ultimately you have a deeply artistic mindset. A combination of writing gifts and visual gifts are yours to wield. Have you considered photography coupled with photo journalism? Your powerful 11th house will allow an income via the Internet of these more artistic/photo/writing skills. Travel photo journalism is available to you. Create an original content site that you run--you are not an employee type.
Moon in the 12th trine Jupiter in the 9th with Uranus 7th house trinng a conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 11th house imparts real ability. (The Jupiter likes university life too.)
You will have to take that moody discontented Piscean nature and apply yourself to your deepest occupational love or you will continue to suffer. The feeling you give off is hopelessness; what is required is inspiration, committed work and risk. You are young. This is the time. It is better for you in the long run to commit to this new direction as Saturn is in your 6th house--it will pay dividends!
You have a powerful vocational chart with Sun and Mercury in the career oriented 10th house. Time to truly swim. It is your birthright.

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