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I am really frustrated because of no job

Dear All,

I donít have continuous job since December 2009.I get job but only for 2-3 months,companys discontinued me within 2-3 months with no major reason, then again I become jobless for 6-7 months and I get job after giving many interviews and after struggling so much but then it is only for 2-3 months. Since Dec.2009 I have changed around 9 companys but no company makes me continuous after 2-3 months.

I met to many astrologer some of them told me you are suffering from Rahumaha dasha and it will continue till 2021 , some told me your guru power is low.

Can anyone help me what to do in this situation? Why there are breaks in my job? How is my career path? Any remedies for continuous job?

I am really frustrated and confused.

Name: Siddharth Desai
DOB: 27th February 1985
Birthtime: 12.05 pm (afternoon)
Birthplace: Satara
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