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Re: 4 planet stellium in 12th house?!

In modern western astrology the 12th house has many symbolisms: people who are shut-in in some way, including hospitals and prisons, large animals, the mother's experience of the native's birth, and mysticism. In traditional western astrology the 12th symbolizes misfortunates of various sorts, notably secrets and deception. In Vedic astrology, there is that connotation of misfortune, but with the possibility-- through religious practices-- of karmic release. This is just a short list.

Hindu astrologers generally use a sidereal zodiac; and western astrologers, a tropical zodiac. The planets today are about 24 degrees apart, often moving the tropical planets back 24 degrees. They also normally use whole signs houses. It would be good to learn just how your Indian astrologer reached his conclusions, but they would probably be based on a different horoscope from the one you posted.

But the sidereal zodiac would still put your sun in Sagittarius. This sign is ruled by Jupiter, which is also the planetary ruler of long-distance travel.

Your travel proclivities probably relate to
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