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Originally Posted by Merteuil26 View Post
Hello everyone!
I am new to this community and the main reason I came here is to talk to experts on natal astrology and share opinions. I have read a lot about 12th house stellium and some people told me it represents loss. I knew things weren't that simple and therefore decided to come here to search for other, more detailed, opinions on the matter. Also, while I was in India 3 years ago, guru read my chart and told me it would lead to life in foreign country, job in government etc. How true is that? Someone even mentioned Netherlands in my birth chart. I am aware of differences in Vedic and Western astrology and would like to receive clarification from you on meaning and perspectives in my birth chart. Especially about love and career, since I always wanted to become a diplomat and study multiple languages. Also I want to live in foreign country with foreign spouse, but those are my dreams...
I am submitting my birth chart attached to this post!
Thank you again for clarification and constructive answers!
It could mean a million different things. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna be isolated from the world or anything (necessarily). It simply means that a lot of energy will be put into the spiritual and the mystical. Planets in the 12th are not necessarily loss either. It entirely depends on how conscious and evolved you are as a human being. The more you are obsessed with the mundane and disregard spiritual values (not saying you are) the more actual loss you will receive because the energy will find a different outlet from where to come.
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