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Re: Auquarius/2010 not all it's cracked up to be

I'd prefer to say upfront that I don't think I, or astrology, can answer your questions about the baby's health. I sense you're looking for reassurance from astrology.

Astrology is good for identifying trends or the broader outline of situations and what to expect. Personally I don't think it tells you how situations will turn out.

For example, astrology might say that because Saturn is on the descendent this is a time when you will experience difficulties and reassess your close relationships. For some people this might result in divorce, for others it might be a time where they work through issues with partners and come out of it with a stronger relationship. How this works out would depend on the native, how they'd put their life together, whether they run away from difficulties or confront them.

So in terms of your chart, the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction on your moon probably means an expansion of feelings but also some sudden changes. Perhaps big mood swings. The Neptune/Chiron-Saturn opposition suggests to me that you need to be careful with your vitality and health, to take proper care of yourself. Seems kind of obvious for someone going through pregnancy!
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