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Re: Auquarius/2010 not all it's cracked up to be

That's good. (If you can click the EDIT button and go back in and remove all the white space - that'll be really great - it's just the chart attachment that's important).

Ok so a couple of things jump out from your chart:
- Venus 25Aq46 / Saturn 27Leo - you have Neptune/Chiron currently opposing these points. Traditionally Neptune is not a good planet for ego or vitality.

- Moon 26Pis - you have Jupiter & Uranus hanging around there currently. I think this is a particularly significant aspect as the moon is about motherhood and its place in your 4th house (relates to the house). As an Aquarian, Uranus is a personal planet.

Good news is that Neptune/Chiron are away from your Venus/Saturn by end of December.

Jupiter/Uranus are both sat on your moon during January. They're not necessarily difficult planets but there could be surprises!

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