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Re: Auquarius/2010 not all it's cracked up to be

ok let;s see if i dd this correctly... I hope so I already feel rather emarassed..


Date: February 10, 1978, at 02:05 AM
Place: Brooklyn Hospital (Kings), New York, United States

Latitude: 4041 North
Longitude: 7358 West
Time Difference: 5W00
Universal Time: 07:05 AM
Equation of Time (EOT): -14mn33s

Sun in: 2111' Aquarius
Moon in: 2640' Pisces
AS in: 451' Sagittarius
MC in: 2136' Virgo

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Ok(fingers crossed) hope I attached it correctly since my Mas was not doing the cut n past thing of please tell whats going on... I live in a small town not much astrology here

Opposites and Squares
Trines and Sextiles
Semi-Squares and Sesqui-Quadrates
Semi-Sextiles, Quintiles and Bi-Quintiles
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