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Re: Read My Chart

First, if your birth time/chart is within workable accuracy for predictive work. You should keep a diary of changing as per the Hits from Lunar and Solar eclipses to your personal points of the chart. I share what I learned and you may want to investigate further in the next few years for your own best interest. I won't be able to do all these extensive work for you.

Lunar Eclipse will hit your MC on 15 April 2014, best time to test event coming to as completion, reflection, the end of cycle of your MC, career, status, public image, recognition by others. This is a perfect test of the accuracy of your birth time.

The effect can starts from the day to months or even up to 1 year. The actual day and time of activation can be seen through studying Lunar return of the month, the tightest Midpoints, the tightest aspects when they will be perfected in relation to your natal and solar return charts.

While Solar eclipse when hits at personal point will bring life changing event of New beginning for both better and worse based on your natal promises, turning of the Sun, your Spirit, and path of life. You will also have within effective orbs of conjunction to Chiron at 4th house on 29th April 2014. Then you have a rather lose contact from 23th October 2014 to your Uranus in Scorpio. That is not particularly important, but can keep an eye on that by more effect on the opposition Chiron.

It is essential to look at personal points in conjunction, square, and opposition to the point of Eclipses, only these three types of aspect or even in parallel/contra parallel will manifest actual physical events that are significant to you in personal level. Not all eclipses will bring in event if not under those aspects based on the principle of Cross of Matter of the AC/DC/MC/IC, cardinal, energy form by the eclipse to your personal points.
Lunar Eclipse Apr 15 2014 7:45 25 Libra 16'
Solar Eclipse Apr 29 2014 6:02 08 Taurus 51'
Lunar Eclipse Oct 8 2014 10:53 15 Aries 05'
Solar Eclipse Oct 23 2014 21:44 00 Scorpio 25'

Ongoing Outer cardinal square Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries in particular will conjunct your natal 29 degrees 2 Cancer Sun ruler of 8th, Saturn and Mercury referring back to what I said above post, in 2018. You will feel the hit of Uranus in Aries square your Sun when it is within 3-5 degrees orbs toward perfection of square, which is particularly important as that will be very close to your own natal IC, it hits the personal axis, cross of matter so there will be significant manifestations to all level AC/DC/MC. This speculation can be confirmed by reviewing progression, transits, solar return, lunar return, solar arc, or more ancient tool as Profection.

In fact when Uranus in Aries hits the natal SN at 18 degree 34 you should foresee what may come to you. So in the next few years, learn about lunar return, solar return, get a reference book for midpoints and enhance your very best understanding of your own chart. The stress to Sun, will also be the stress to 8th house, Saturn, Mercury and their chain rulership. Remember chain reactions, chain effects, the story line.

Above All, you must first understanding the foundation of your natal chart, your own natal promises prior learning predictive astrology.
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