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Re: Origins of Hellenistic Astrology

Originally Posted by dr. farr View Post
An (apparently Hellenist) astrology board has just been found in a cave sealed since around 100 BC, in central Europe (Croatia)today; it is the oldest such board known and is believed to date from apprximately 200 BC; it will be interesting to see what's on the board (it has ivory pieces with the signs of the zodiac engraved upon them) So here is a bit of evidence from early Hellenist times (some believe the board originated in Egypt)
Fascinating! Moog, thanks for the link for it. Nicholas Campion refers to a similar find in his book The Dawn of Astrology. Darned if I can relocate it.

What fascinates me about this find is that it shows constellation pictures. Apparently our glyphs for signs were a later development. Manilius has a pretty detailed catalogue of how different stars in the constellations indicate different rising times. For a night birth, you could actually peg the ASC and planets on these constellation pictures.
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