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Introduction - My First Time on AstrologyWeekly

Greetings everyone, this is my first time here and what brought me here by someone who recommended me about teaching astrology, and gave me some information about this website. They said this website was marvelous and the information they teach about astrology is well informative, helpful, and useful which can help me improve areas I need to work on.

Currently I’m an intermediate astrologer and I’ve been learning western astrology. The most preferred type of astrologyI rely on is Western Astrology, still I have bunch to improve to tell the truth, and I’m looking forward being here on AstroloWeekly. If you’re wondering where or which app my friend told me about AstroloWeekly is Zodiac Amino it’s a stand alone app, and also a community on this app with communities to join based off your interests, and hobbies. I’ve been on Zodiac Amino since 2017, and I’m hoping you’ll join. Currently there activity there is high due to the posts being featured regularly, and we reached 50K. If you’re interested..
Also this app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Here are few things about me.
I’m turning 22 in September 24th of this year, and as you can tell I’m sun in Libra.
I am sun in Libra, moon in Scorpio, and rising in Scorpio my time of birth is 10:45 AM as my mom told me.
If you’re curious about my natal chart. I can’t do at the moment because I’m typing this from my iPhone. I am unsure if there’s a message feature which there is silly me. Actually maybe when I use my laptop I’ll show my birth chart.
In sidereal & Vedic astrology I have sun in Virgo, moon in Libra, and rising in Scorpio sometimes it shows as Libra. Still I resonate with Scorpio as my ascendant due to my appearance, clothes I wear, and the way how I approach life. No matter your opinions on my rising may not be what you expect.
I am introverted and tend to be loner in real life. It’s my moon in the twelfth house indicating that I need my alone time to recharge, and connect with reality and others. Don’t judge or underestimate me that’s how I am.
Also I have passion for writing, art, and music.
And also I am a fine arts major and a student.

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