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Re: Questions I have...

You are so amazing. Thank you for such sincerity and humility. Now, mind you, I too am a 11th House Aquarius, and I have an 11th House Mercury too, though not conjunct like you do. And I too am a Leo Moon, with Taurus Risng and Capricorn MH person, so I'm way rooting for you and full of a deep appreciation of your life experience! You rock! And yes, you are learning astrology very quickly, by transmission as much as cognition.

But that Pluto in the 7th House thang? The coming across a bit strong?

Hey I have Pluto (in Leo) in the 5th House! I think we are hilarious and sincere and brilliant and a bit over-powering at times - right? Like I didn't imagine you were being egotistical, or wishing more than your share of attention here on this forum. Not one bit. No way.

However, were I to have Pluto in my 7th House, I would never ask anyone more than one question at a time. You can simply UNDERSTAND that your questions are tough and run deep (like a detective or lawyer- yikes!)...soooo practice daily lightening up - ala again, slowing down and mulling things over and THEN asking one a time.

The bigger point I was making is that I don't think about astrology in linear fashion. Ever gaze at your scope as meditation mandela?
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