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Re: Lilith conjunct ascendant

Diana Gabaldon has Lilith, Moon and Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. She seems to be strongly lilithian and so does the Outlander-series. Diana has been with her husband for a very long time. She has said that she was inspired by her husband when she created the character Jamie.
I know someone very well that has Moon conjunct Lilith. Her mother made her feel that she was not how a woman is supposed to be, she felt that men would not want to be with a woman like her. She has always provided for the men she has been with. It´s as if she thinks that she needs to provide for a man in order for him to want to be with her. She is very intuitive and very interested in natural remedies for health issues. She had a voluptuous body already at the age of 11. She felt objectified and tried to hide herself under big clothes. She has told me about her greatest passion. She says that she met a man that was her equal and that equality is needed in order to experience true passion. Her ex just so happens to have Moon conjunct Lilith as well.

It seems to me that someone with a strongly placed Lilith needs to find someone that also has conjunctions to Lilith in order to experience the equality they crave for. I personally want to feel like a woman and I want to be with a man. I do not want us to be alike, I just want us to be equally valuable and equally worthy of respect.

Barbara Streisand has Moon conjunct Lilith. She has had a stormy marriage with James Brolin for 20 years. He has Lilith conjunct the SN and the Dsc. Saoirse Ronan has Moon conjunct Venus and Lilith. She has said that “she doesn’t know how to date”. She has also said: I have always felt very, very protective over any young person that comes on to a film set and just making sure that they´re okay and they´re not being taken advantage of or anything like that”. The woman I know had the same rare glow in her eyes when she was young that Saoirse has and Barbara Streisand had in her youth. She performed singing on stage and it seemed as if she was looking far away on a beautiful shining star that only she could see. She looked innocent, strong, pure, curious, playful and natural.
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