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Re: Lilith conjunct ascendant

Originally Posted by Damabiah View Post
Helloooo 🍹

Yes i have!!

Lilith in 12th house for me..
She is in conjunction with my ascendant and my Moon too.

Asc + moon + lilith in 12th

This house is in cancer.
Hmmm.. i think thats not very good placement for me lol

Sun aquarius in 8th

Me too, I have Lilith in 12th conjunct ascendant and moon! (In capricorn...) And also sun in 8th.. plus more planets in 8th and 12th.. Wish there was someone who had replied to your post, I would have been curious to read any insights...
Can definitely relate to others posts about men getting obsessive and stalkerish and jealous, and the wish to just be treated as a human, not a lust inducing object... oh well. I find it in friendships mostly, but relationships always end up extremely tricky.
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