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Re: Lilith conjunct ascendant

I have this conjunct my AC at 4 degrees. I've noticed that married men are attracted to me (I've never reciprocated). I've also always known I had an intense sexual energy about me and just assumed that it was my Venus in Scorpio. My ex used to say I had a diabolical twinkle in my eyes. However, I started looking up other women with L conjunction their AC and eerily enough, these were women I'd been told I looked like!!! There's a distinct energy/vibe for sure!!!

Examples of celebs with this conjunction: Natalie Portman, Lana Del Rey, Sharon Tate, Vanessa Paradis, Joan Baez, Christina Ricci, Tina Fey, Calista Flockhart, Ashlee Simpson, Laura Dern, Megan Mullally, Heidi Fleiss, Clara Bow, Lily-Rose Depp, Paget Brewster, Christine Keeler...
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