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Re: Lilith conjunct ascendant

It's incredible how much everything you say resonates with me. I need to read more about Lilith! It feels as if I have left Eden many times in my life. I start with trying to make people understand. I am definitely willing to endure anything to prove a point, but that does not mean that I am successful in proving my points. Sometimes I feel utterly devastated when I have to leave to remain true to myself and my dignity.

Since I have Neptune conjunct Lilith and the ascendant I am a strange mix between Neptune and Lilith. I believe that Lilith partly is about finding ones natural femininity and sexuality and let it flow freely. I would never try to become what I believe men wants women to be. I tap into myself and the partner I am with but I would never do something that I am not comfortable with. I believe that Neptune with Lilith makes me want to merge and loose myself.

What you are saying about unworthiness and jealousy is very much a theme in my love life. However I notice that I evolve and learn and that I am able to handle things better and better. I have done a lot of work regarding my own sense of unworthiness.

My height is average. When I was a teenager people often told me that I looked like Winona Ryder, I coloured my hair black at the time. My features are small (perhaps due to Lilith?). I have a baby face and very thin skin (Neptune). Normally I have blond curly hair. I have very dark blue eyes and I can look sensitive, innocent and very kind. My eyes can also look playful or intense or cold (intimidating and Scorpio like). Neptune makes me very transparent, my emotions are visible to everyone. I can look very fragile as well as very strong. It is confusing.

I am the only girl in my family and I have three brothers. I have like 20 cousins and I am not the first or last among them. However I was my grandparents favourite.

Thank you for sharing all of this information, it is very interesting!
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