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Lilith conjunct ascendant

Does anyone here have Black moon Lilith conjunct the ascendant or in the first house? Or do you know someone with this placement?

I have Lilith conjunct my ascendant in the first house (3 degrees). Two friends of mine have Lilith in their first house as well.

I have read about the symbolism. Adam did not want an equal relationship so God created Eve from his rib. Lilith represents a wild and natural woman.

In my life I have met MANY men who have seemed to be obsessed with a need to use my body. Some men have been obsessed for many years even if they have not had feelings for me.

There are men who wants to have a relationship with me as well, but either they try to control me in a direct way or through hot/cold behaviours. Some men feel inferior to me. They look up to me and they would accept anything just to be with me. I can't be attracted to someone like that.

My two friends with Lilith in the first house are having very similar experiences and they are both single. I'm 34 years old and they are about the same age.

I was just wondering if this is typical for this placement? I have a lot of things going on in my chart so it might have to do with other things, but I really resonate with the story about Lilith. It's difficult for me to have an equal relationship. I have never had one.

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