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Re: Progressed moon conjunct uranus - does it really send a person kooky?


I'm undergoing this progression currently, it hasn't perfected the conjunction yet. (My natal uranus is 14 scorp. Prog moon is at 13 currently.)

I definitely agree with katydid, it depends what the relationship is like between these planets in your natal chart. But it's such a short conjunction since the moon travels pretty fast. Shouldn't be so bad at all.
I have transit uranus currently conjunct my natal mercury. So it's an very interesting time, I don't feel any more emotional than i usually do. Just lots of ideas swimming around my head and rather crazy approaches to overcoming some long withstanding obstacles in my life. The progressed moon/conjunct uranus hopefully will bring my crazy idea to fruition. My natal uranus is involved in two t-squares. And I'm not the least bit worried by the prog moon either. Saturn is the one I dislike making aspects to my prog moon!
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