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Re: How do you calculate the dominant planets in a birth chart?

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I think it would be like this,
predominator Moon,
Nativity Master Venus,
Co-Master Mars
and Nativity Lord Saturn or Venus/Mars.
It can be wrong

I'm no expert - anyone can read translated ancient texts & apply
we are fortunate to have had Robert Schmidt translations
as well as translations of Benjamin Dykes
Martin Gansten et al


How to Calculate the Rulers of the Birth Chart
According to Porphyry
The Rulers of the Nativity

There are four different rulers of the nativity
that are important to pay attention to:
1 Predominator epikratētōr
2 Master of the Nativity oikodespotēs
3 Co-Master or Joint Master of the Nativity sunoikodespotēs
4 Lord of the Nativity kurios

In order to find the Master of the Nativity
you must first find the Predominator
since the Predominator is the one who designates the Master.
The Predominator is typically one of the luminaries
as long as they are well-placed.
If they are not, then it defaults to the Ascendant.

Here are Porphyry’s considerations for determining
if one of the luminaries can become Predominator:

  • The luminary that belongs to the sect of the chart is preferred
  • Sun day day, Moon by night.
  • The luminary that is more angular is preferred
  • over one that is in a less angular house.
  • The one that is more eastern in the chart
  • towards the rising sign is preferred.
  • if the Sun is in the 1st house in a day chart
  • Sun is the Predominator.
  • Sun in the 9th with the Moon in the 1st
  • then Moon is Predominator
  • If both luminaries are in cadent houses
  • then the Ascendant becomes Predominator.

Master of the Nativity
According to Antiochus and Porphyry
there are two variant traditions for calculating the Master:
1. The Master of the Nativity is the domicile lord of the Predominator.
The bound lord of the Predominator
becomes the Co-Master of the Nativity.

2. Others say that
the bound lord of the degree of the Ascendant
is the Master of the Nativity.
The domicile lord of the rising sign is the Co-Master of the Nativity.

Lord of the Nativity
Two separate approaches are given
for the determination of the Lord of the Nativity:

First Approach
The Lord is the domicile lord of the Midheaven, if this planet is angular.
If it is not, then:
1. The Lord is a planet in the Midheaven/10th house.
If there is no planet in the Midheaven then:
The Lord is a planet in the 11th house.

Second Approach
Planets capable of being the Lord of the Nativity
in the second approach are:
The domicile lord of the Ascendant.
A planet in the rising sign, and especially?
in the bounds of the Ascendant.
The lord of the Moon.
The lord of the Lot of Fortune.
A planet that makes a heliacal rising, setting
or retrograde station
within 7 days of the birth

if there are multiple
the one that is not under the beams is preferred.

The bound lord of the prenatal lunation.

Porphyry makes an important statement
after outlining the second approach
to the effect that
the Lord of the Nativity is the planet that generally is:
  • Capable of rising out from under the beams of the Sun.
  • Has more familiarity “...dignity...” in its location
  • through zodiacal rulership.
  • Has the most “...power...” in relation to the “...figure...”
  • of the nativity, which probably means being in
  • one of the “...advantageous...” or “...busy...” places
  • which are houses that are more angular.
  • Has the most power in relation to
  • its configuration with the other stars in the chart.

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